Corporate Social Responsibility Employee Questionnaire

A corporate social responsibility employee questionnaire is one that is required to be filled in by a corporate employee. The questionnaire is used to collect information regarding the activities undertaken by the company towards social involvement which the employee is aware of. This helps to know the opinion of the employee about the social responsibilities activities that the company is involved in apart from its expected results.

Sample Corporate Social Responsibility Employee Questionnaire

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1. Does your company engage actively in social responsibilities activities?

a. Yes

b. No

2. From the following activities which are the ones that you company is mostly involved in for fulfilling its social responsibility?

a. Education

b. Environmental protection

c. Reducing social disparity by assisting poor people

d. Improving quality of service to those associated with company

3. Which are the activities from the following that your company has engaged itself in the past three months?

a. Monetary donations for charitable causes

b. Voluntary charity work involving employees

c. Bringing down the prices for specially privileged persons like disabled and senior citizens

d. Sharing profits with employees by offering bonus

4. Do you think your company has been successful in bringing about social responsibility amongst its employees working in the company?

a. Yes

b. No

5. Have you been actively participating in the social responsibility programs conducted by your company?

a. Yes

b. No

6. What is the image you have about your company after being involved in the social responsibility activities conducted by your company?

a. Excellent

b. Good

c. Average

d. Poor

7. Does your company advertise regarding its social responsibility activities in various media sources? If yes please specify the modes of advertising undertaken by your company?

a. Yes Pl specify ___________

b. No

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